I’m Sadat Jubayer

Software Engineer and Full Stack Developer.

  • I build web and mobile applications with modern technologies, commit my code on Github, and write on my Blog.
Sadat Jubayer

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March 04, 2023 2 min read

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Featured Projects


A feature-rich college app using React Native, with offline support, automatic version updates, and dynamic backend controls, alongside a Next.js, MongoDB, and Express-powered admin panel.

ReactNextJSReact NativeMongoDBTypeScript

Recursive 17-2

A full-stack web application/portal where students can Register/Signup for their batch's RAG Day Event. Also developed the payment system and admin panel.



Static website of a Solar company, super-powered by Gatsby. It gets dynamic data from contentful during the build time. Integrated Continues deployment using build hooks.



E-Bondhon is an official android app of Cumilla Victoria College which contains information about the college, its faculties, and others.

React NativeReact Redux

About this site

This portfolio website aims to represent my lifestyle as a developer and holds my Skills, Projects, etc. Here I share my thoughts in the Blog. It also contains my Online Resume and Reading List.